contemporary dance
january 2020
9. & 10. & 11.
20:30h grosser Saal

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grupo oito

the performance has the character of an installation, which leaves the public the choice of whether it follows the action while sitting or moves freely in the room. everyone is invited to explore the borders or the center, the boundaries, corners and different perspectives in borders & corners.

borders mark the limits of different areas, perceptions, bodies. who defines the difference upon which the border’s legitimacy is built? in their inconsistency, borders are geographies of confrontation, moments of reflection, constantly challenging the balance of a status quo. along the borderlines, the undesirable, hidden and repressed accumulate in corners. as past and present blur in the histories stacked on top of each other filling up the corners, their secrets decay and erupt.

borders & corners takes on a journey to these places, follows them on global maps, on the streets of berlin, between people and within themselves. in an assemblage of improvisation, live music, and live video art, borders and boundaries are negotiated in a constant act of balance: intersectional stories move from marginal peripheries into an imaginary centre where perspectives and memories meet, where they complement and contradict each other. they echo between the walls of the theatre, questioning inside and outside, the boundary between performance and reality.

artistic direction
ricardo de paula
caroline alves, laura alonso, martina garbelli, natalie riedelsheimer, ricardo de paula, miro wallner
olaf giesbrecht
kathleen kunath, zé de paiva                                                                                       voice
nasheeka nedsreal
domenik engemann
nora tormann
andreina vieira
franziska doffin
production management
stage technic
jan römer

a grupo oito production
founded by district office pankow for further education and culture of berlin, senate department for culture and europe, halle tanzbühne berlin
partnermime centrum berlin, literary colloquium berlin
photos zé de paiva