Falten der Nacht

contemporary dance
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Falten der Nacht (2000)
cie. toula limnaios

Day and night as symbols for dream and reality, daily life and desire, growth and decay, mirror the complexity of human existence – marking the two poles between which humankind acomplishes its tasks. The stage becomes a living canvas out of which four dancers emerge and depict a fantastic kaleidoscope of episodes that are as common or absurd as life itself. »Falten der Nacht« – the most romantic of the company’s early works.

» ›Falten der Nacht‹ is a symphony brimful with poetry, in which dance performs miracles in harmony with music and light. For one whole evening, the cie. toula limnaios manages to transform the stage into a disparate and dazzling moment, an unforgettable dream.«
(urbuz.com, Paris, London, Berlin, Andrea Philippi 2000)

»In the leaden light, four figures gaze motionless behind them, as if set in a still life landscape by Caspar David Friedrich. …«
(Berliner Morgenpost, Volkmar Draeger, 2000)

Between Day and Night: Blue Hour in the Theater
»Were it not Toula Limnaios presenting her newest choroeraphy at such a late hour, one might think Balanchine had adapted his ›Serenade‹ to changed conditions. Full of fancy and poetry, she unveils layer after layer of existence – allowing its beauty to gain extraordinary strength in the lit spaces composed by Klaus Dust.«
(Die Welt, Hartmut Regitz, 2000)

concept/ choreography
Toula Limnaios
Ralf R. Ollertz
Daniel Afonso, Katja Scholz, Karolina Wyrwal, Inhee Yu
Klaus Dust
Toula Limnaios
Ute Pliestermann
public relations
Silke Wiethe


Nicolaj Jespersen, Toula Limnaios, Monica Muñoz Marin, Evelin Stadler

a cie. toula limnaios production in coproduction with Theater am Halleschen Ufer with kind support by the Cultural Department of the City of Berlin and the electroacustic Studio od the academy of arts.