minute papillon

contemporary dance
november/ december
21. – 23. & 27. – 30. november
& 4. – 7. december
big hall

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»minute papillon«

cie. toula limnaios
»shall i say to the moment:
stay a while!
you are so beautiful!« (goethe)

»if every man is happy, then time will ceases to be necessary and therefore also cease to exist. it will not be hidden away. for time is not a thing, but an idea. it will extinguish in the mind.« (dostojewskij)

»minute papillon« is a piece about time. time is inevitable and hence linked to every existence. in the age of an exhausted society, we are drifters, surfing the waves of life, obsessed with speed and pressed for time. the french saying »minute papillon«, which roughly translates as “hold on”, expresses a longing for a lightness of being, the search for happiness and the ephemeral state of the human cycle.

the stories before, in-between and after, the desire for everything to remain as it is or for everything to change, is embodied by the dancers – like a river and its shores, a foundation and its load. above them, like chronos, a man ceaselessly shovels earth off a tower, below them patches of growing grass. in »minute papillon«, passages emerge layer upon layer between the flow and endlessness of time, perspectives on its ambiguous attribute: magic and relentlessness, humanity and demerit, irreality and inescapability.

»… and chronos shovels… deeply human, with quiet and intense images, toula limnaios shows the transience of life. such a tremendous experience.« (neues deutschland tanznetz, 2015)

concept/ choreography
toula limnaios
ralf r. ollertz
daniel afonso, leonardo d’aquino, priscilla fiuza, alba de miguel, alessio scandale, hironori sugata, karolina wyrwal
jan langebartels
antonia limnaios, toula limnaios
choreographic assistance
ute pliestermann
light-and stagetechnic
domenik engemann, jan römer
public relations
silke wiethe
sanya tsekov

a cie. toula limnaios production with kind support by the senate for culture and europe of berlin. 2015; 2019 presented by: exberliner, tip berlin, zitty.