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simply gifts (2007)
cie. toula limnaios

»simply gifts« are solos for five dancers, which will be danced during this festival by the original cast of 2007. Toula Limnaios chose the solo as a form for contemplating a special kind of directedness and intimacy. It combines presence and emphemerality in a single moment – is powerful, while also quiet and subtle. It resembles a miniature filled with details and fine differences. The grande gesture is abstained in favor of smaller nuances. The individual personality is extracted from its exterior form. These are gentle, loving and very distinct portraits.

Mercedes Appugliese »Hola Merce«
»In my fantasy, I am unfettered by my real body. I leave it behind and become someone else, …If I so wish.«
(Siri Hustvedt: Being a Man)

Carlos Osatinsky »17 minutos con la realidad«
»His dreams bear relation to reality, for, as Cicero wrote, in our dreams do roll and romp the remains of all those things in our souls, which we thought of and acted upon in our waking hours.«
(Michael Ende: der Spiegel im Spiegel, ein Labyrinth)

Hironori Sugata »Ich bin eine Fiktion«
»When you realize in a dream, that you are dreaming
then you are about to wake up. I am about to wake up.«

(Michael Ende: der Spiegel im Spiegel, ein Labyrinth)

Katja Scholz «Guten Morgen, Du Schöne»
»You go away and come back and something has changed. Each of us has the right to go away and come back as someone else.«
(Maxie Wander: Rosis Portrait)

Ute Pliestermann »riss«
»I’ve the whole day before me, to go wrong, to go right, to calm down, to give up, I’ve nothing to fear, my ticket is valid for life …«
(Samuel Beckett: Texte um Nichts)

»Watching the work of Toula Limnaios usually leaves me feeling as if I were dreaming with my eyes open. ›simply gifts‹ also has something wonderfully out-of-this-world. The ground is gently pulled out under your feet; everyday logic is turned on its head. … these dance miniatures are eccentric and enigmatic …«
(Tagesspiegel, Sandra Luzina, 2007)

Toula Limnaios- choreography in collaboration with the dancers
Ralf R. Ollertz, Michael Kamen, Edith Piaf
Mercedes Appugliese
Carlos Osatinsky
Ute Pliestermann
Katja Scholz
Hironori Sugata
Klaus Dust
Antonia Limnaios / Toula Limnaios
public relations
Silke Wiethe

a cie. toula limnaios production with kind support by the Cultural Department of the City of Berlin, department for cultural affairs Pankow and fund for performing arts e.V.