the desert

guestperformance from bremen

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steptext dance project
dance piece by helge letonja – third part of the trilogy displacing future
guest performance from bremen

facing the global movement of refugees, the topic of helge letonja’s ensemble piece the desert is an issue more than ever: motifs and results of social and individual transformation and migration processes, inclusions and exclusion of people in the area of current cultural visions and losses. what started with the departure out of the bog forest (2011) and the travelling through the oceanic turbulences of the drift (2012), now leads to foreign shores. as the third part of the trilogy displacing future, the desert explores the scopes of the uncertain after the arrival.

into the allegoric desert between „not-anymore“ and „not-yet“, the dancers from five different countries combine their extremely heterogenic impulses within the attempt to form fugitive connections. every figure, constellation, interpretation collapses into the next. nurtured by curiosity, indications of a future existence gleam through the demanding confusions of the strangeness they share. robert merdzo, also composing for la fura dels baus, creates shimmering soundscapes that quote tones of very different cultures.

»political dance theatre. is this possible? yes. even surprisingly well. and without appearing embarassingly intrusive. […] „the desert“ is a wonderful closure of an exciting trilogy. […] it deals with – migration. the excellent dance ensemble translates this abstract concept – not only, but again and again – with fear, escape and displacement, with threatening strangeness and powerlessness.«(taz, jan zier, 23.06.2013)

concept, choreography, stage
helge letonja
kossi sébastien aholou-wokawui, ibrahima biaye, konan dayot, virginia gimeno folgado, i-fen lin, médoune sec
anke euler
composition/ sounds
robert merdzo
costume design
katja Fritzsche
light design
laurent schneegans, timo Reichenberger
christoph härtel
Janine claßen
technical direction
timo reichenberger
lighting- and stage technology
domenik engemann, jan römer
production management
julia da silva, kerstin witges
produktion: steptext dance project

funded by: fonds darstellende künste e.v. – dreijährige konzeptionsförderung aus mitteln des bundes, senator für kultur bremen, karin und uwe hollweg stiftung. supported by the nationales performance netz guest performance fund for dance, which is funded by the federal government commissioner for culture and the media and the departments of culture and arts of the german federal state.