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wut (2012)
cie. toula limnaios

»wut« (Rage) is a piece about shock and protest. It plunges us into a world of contradictions and deeply felt disquiet. A subtly vibrating choreographic invocation of a somewhat feverish incandescence – embodying existential friction, a wound breaking open, anger welling up. Triggered by things that cause us to stop and think, make us angry, separate or unite us. In this age of sensory overload, in which clocks keep turning faster and faster and masses of information threaten to overwhelm us, “wut” is a passionate answer to the speechlessness of contemporary society and our perception of the world, a position of resistance against the nebulous state of our times.

»T. Limnaios is a rarity among the Berlin choreographers. She is an artist who still believes in the cathartic power of the theater. Her dance theater is poetic and demonstrates great craftsmanship.« (Berliner Zeitung, 2012)

»… the dancers make the space explode…«
(ZDF/aspekte, Stefanie Heidbrink, 2015)

concept/ choreography
Toula Limnaios
Ralf R. Ollertz
Daniel Afonso, Giacomo Corvaia/Daeho Lee, Katja Scholz, Hironori Sugata, Karolina Wyrwal, Inhee Yu
Jan Langebartels
Antonia Limnaios, Toula Limnaios
choreographic assistance
Ute Pliestermann
Domenik Engemann
public relations
Silke Wiethe


Elia López, Lisa Oettinghaus, Karolina Wyrwal, Matthew Branham, Giacomo Corvaia, Yannis Karalis

a cie. toula limnaios production in coproduction with Tafelhalle Nürnberg and HALLE TANZBÜHNE BERLIN and kind support by the Cultural Department of the City of Berlin.
Nürnberg, Sao Paulo